Buying a lodge

Buying a luxury lodge at Woodlands Country Park is much easier than buying a conventional house. You don’t need to pay expensive conveyancing fees or have a solicitor handle the contracts, although you are welcome to involve your solicitor if you wish.

Our own lodge sales, and most pre-owned lodges, are handled by a trusted local estate agent, although individual owners are free to sell their lodges directly or through their own estate agents if they wish. The estate agent will handle all the paperwork relating to your lodge purchase.
A copy of our full terms and conditions is available on request, but here is a quick outline of the buying and selling process.

Lodge prices

As with any home, location is everything when it comes to price. When you buy a lodge on a plot at Woodlands, you are buying more than just the lodge itself. 

While all our lodges enjoy delightful waterside or woodland locations, naturally some of these plots will be more prestigious and desirable than others, and this will be reflected in the cost.

Once you have bought your lodge, there is no mortgage or building rent to pay, although you will need to pay a quarterly pitch fee to cover the lease of the plot and the upkeep of the park.

Your legal agreements

When you buy your lodge, you will enter into a legal agreement with us as the park operator. This covers both the lease of your plot and your use of the park and its facilities. These are both straightforward documents that outline your rights, and you do not need to involve solicitors unless you wish to.

The lease on a new plot is 125 years, although pre-owned lodges may have a shorter amount of time left on their lease. Even so, the balance of the lease will still be over a century.

Our agreements are covered by the Code of Practice for Selling and Siting Holiday Homes, which is an industry recognised standard that protects both residents and park owners. A copy of the code is available on request.

Is a lodge a good investment?

When it comes to quality of life, a lodge may be the best investment you ever make, giving you a luxury lifestyle in a quiet caring community surrounded by beautiful countryside.

Financially, lodges tend to follow the rest of the housing market when it comes to prices. This means that in the long term, the chances are that the value of your lodge will grow, however as with any market investment, there are no guarantees.

Selling your lodge

When you want to move out, you can sell your lodge in several ways. You can sell it directly to the park owners, you can sell through our trusted local estate agents or you can sell privately, using your own estate agents or via a direct sale.

If you do want to sell your lodge, we’d ask that you let us know and keep us informed throughout the process. 

Woodlands will take a small commission on your sale, to reflect the part that our superb location and facilities have played in the resale value of your lodge. The commission rate will be clearly stated in advance when you sign your agreement with us. We use this commission to keep our pitch fees low, so you will have already benefited from the commission paid by other former owners.


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