Wild flower Habitat Badge

Date: 02/05/19

Wild flower Habitat Badge

Woodlands Country Park are proud to announce we have been awarded the Wild flower Habitat Badge for our huge efforts in creating 3 new areas of wild flower planting in 2018 so as to provide further places for our animals and plants live. Providing these habitats is recognised as one of the most important things a park can do for the environment.


Native British wild flowers are incredibly important as food sources for pollinating insects, such as bees and butterflies, which are, in turn, vital for the health of the wider countryside. Wild flower meadows and the insects they attract also provide food and cover for many small mammals, birds and other animals. Many wild flowers are themselves rare and endangered. They are also incredibly beautiful and a vanishing part of the unique tapestry of the British Countryside.


Over the next three years, we’ll will be aiming to focus on three more specific habitats, and in 2019 we will be looking at improvements and maintenance to the array of woods and trees that we have across our site.


We’ll continue to commit to creating and conserving our rural park to ensure that all inhabitants, be it our existing friendly luxury lodge owners or the animals, insects and wildlife are all living in harmony.


If you would like to adopt a rural lifestyle and be at one with our beautiful environment, then contact our sales team to arrange a tour of the park and to view our pre owned lodges.


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