Woodlands are officially a Honey Bee Friendly Park!

Date: 04/03/19

Woodlands are officially a Honey Bee Friendly Park!

Bee Happy


Following receipt of the amazing Gold David Bellamy Conservation Award, we have also ‘bee-n’ awarded the status of a ‘Honey Bee Friendly Park’.


With its black and gold stripes, translucent wings and signature furry body, the bee is a common sight in woods and gardens around the world. But do you know how important this creature is to our planet, and the threats it is facing?


Bees are our predominant pollinators, and un-’bee’-lievably they pollinate a third of the food we eat and 80% of all flowering plants. Pollination is crucial because many of our vegetables, fruits and the crops that feed our livestock rely on it to be fertilised, so without it, we could go hungry.


As well as ‘bee’-ing pollinators, we should ‘bee’ very thankful that our honey bee’s, Apis mellifera, also produce honey. This sickly sweet golden liquid is a valuable product not only for its saccharine taste, but also due to its medicinal properties and the fact it is so energy dense.


Since 2016, the David Bellamy Conservation Award Scheme (DBCAS) has teamed up with the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) to run the Honey Bee Friendly Park Project, which aims to get as many parks as possible working to conserve Britain’s bees which are in a sharp decline. Habitat loss is one of the reasons for their decline, so here at Woodlands Country Park we have recently planted a number of wild flower meadows in addition to our existing woods and grasslands in order to home these important insects.


We are delighted David Bellamy has granted us this status in recognition of the work we have put in to create a natural environment filled with trees, shrubs, plants and flowers suitable for all seasons across the park


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